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 You are cordially invited to join the Private 10X Network of accredited investors, vertically integrated multi-state operators and license holders in all legal states for a unique, auction-style event. 
Franchisors | Acquisition Teams | Investors | MSO's | JV Partners | Wealthy Individuals
 Date: Feb 23-24, 2023
 12:00pm EST
 Marriott Hotel, Sand Key, FL
Event Overview

Earn the HIGHEST PROFITS possible by auctioning your license to competing bidders! 

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Cannabis Law Group

Meet and bid on licenses from ALL legal Cannabis states featuring many coveted licenses from limited license states:

• California
• Alaska
• Nevada
• Oregon
• Washington
• Maine
• Colorado
• Hawaii
• Montana
• Vermont
• Rhode Island
• New Mexico
• Michigan
• Arizona
• New Jersey
• Delaware
• Connecticut
• Massachusetts
• Illinois
• Maryland
• New Hampshire
• Minnesota
• New York
• Georgia
• Louisiana
• Arkansas
• Florida
• North Dakota
• Ohio
• Pennsylvania
• Iowa
• West Virginia
• Missouri
• Oklahoma
• Utah
• Mississippi
• South Dakota
• Virginia
• Alabama
• District of Columbia

Over 100 License Opportunities from across the supply Chain:
Cultivation | Manufacturing | Dispensary | Distribution | Testing

Sand Key, FL

February 23-24, 2023

Cannabis license holders across the entire cannabis supply chain come together at this 2-day event to buy and sell licenses and launch strategic partnerships. Click here to book reservations.
Event Space
Marriott Resort
Meet & Greet
Deal Rooms
After Party
Casual Mingling Sessions

Hear from keynote speakers that include political figures discussing the legal terrain and MSO's.

Michael Minardi - Candidate For House of Representatives and leader behind the ballot innitiative to legalize recreational marijuana, Minardi is the Senior Partner at Minardi Law. 
Michael Minardi
Senior Partner FL
Minardi Law
Minardi is behind a ballot initiative to legalize recreational adult use cannabis
Currently running for office in the election for Florida House of Representatives District 65, Michael C. Minardi is the Senior Partner at Minardi Law. For over 19 years, Michael has dedicated his practice to fighting for clients charged with cannabis crimes. His passion has driven him to learning and understanding medical cannabis laws in the State of Florida and throughout the country.

Michael’s practice represents clients in corporate consulting and services for business and individuals looking to enter the cannabis industry, forfeiture matters, allcriminal matters, with a focus in cases where an individual purchases, uses, or cultivates cannabis for medical purposes. He has successfully won many medical cannabis cases, including several landmark high profile cases in Florida. He has represented some well-known patients including Cathy Jordan, Delbert Mullins, and Jeffrey Kennedy whom have had their cases dismissed.
License I: NEW YORK
Conditional Adult-Use Cultivator License
A conditional adult-use cultivator license will authorize the cultivation of cannabis outdoors or in a greenhouse
  • ​Award winning Colorado cultivator management. 
  • ​Private Equity Fund 
  • Seeking JV Partner 
License II: NEW YORK
Conditional Adult-Use Processor License
A conditional adult-use processor license authorizes the processing and manufacturing of cannabis products.
  • ​Facility 
  • ​Equipment
  • ​Seeking JV Partner 
  • ​authority to distribute 
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Featured Seller Package Includes:

✓ Featured on the main auction website

✓ Featured On Auction Itineraries

✓ Featured On Front Page of All Bid Packages

✓ Featured in Press Releases and Marketing Material

✓ Featured Seller Have Time at Podium to Pitch Investors Live, On-Site, From Stage

✓ Featured Sellers will receive more investor introductions

✓ Featured Sellers typically receive more bids causing more competition raising the bid amounts.

Nug, a vertically-integrated, California multi-state operator pitches to a group of investors at a Cannabis10X event in Clearwater Florida.
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Jason Tropf
Founder, Cannabis10x
Global Cannabis Brokerage
Tropf is a business founder and Cannabis Investor. He is a Forbes contributor on Cannabis Franchising having introduced franchising to the industry. Tropf’s family owned a Franchise 500 franchise and made a lucrative exit where Tropf went on to advise individuals and investors on the most lucrative Cannabis investments.

Holly Ford
Co-Founder, Cannabis10x
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Ford is the founder and co-founder of 4 businesses and the author of Create Your Own Wealth – 2 Minute Topics on Franchising. Ford has been featured as a business and franchising expert for multiple radio shows and podcasts, as well as being a contributor for more than a dozen publications on franchising, Cannabis and business start-ups.

Jason Tropf

Founder & CEO, Cannabis10x
A Cannabis-Only Brokerage
• Published In Entrepreneur Magazine:
As Owner Of Franchise 500 Brand.
• Published In Forbes:
 Cannabis Franchising
• Executive Franchise Broker
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Zac Tropf

Chief Operating Officer, Cannabis10x
Former COO, RSVP Publications (100 franchise locations)
• Award Winning Franchise Developer
• Executive Franchise Broker
• I work with hundreds of franchise companies that represent nearly any industry category.

Holly Ford

Partner, Cannabis10x
Founder, Zarian Firm M&A
• Founder Zarian Firm, Inc
• Best Selling Author: Create Your Own Wealth
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