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CBD Emporium
Cannabis Dispensary Retail Chain
CBD Dispensary Retail Chain
Learn How To Launch A Turn-Key CBD Retail Dispensary From Experienced Operators.
Learn How To Launch A Turn-Key Cannabis Retail Dispensary From Experienced Operators.


*Seats Are Limited - Only 100 Spots*
CBD Dispensary Retail Chain



The CBD Emporium Way is rooted in our philosophy that nature is the purest and most holistic
medicine on the planet. We take our mission very seriously; ‘To inform, educate, and guide our
clients on a direct path that empowers them to protect their own health and vitality.’

Each client is personally greeted when they enter our stores. Their experience is
customized by our specialists to concoct a personalized solution. CBD Emporium uses highly researched
products and tracts their superior results. CBD Emporium respects the uniqueness of our franchisees
and creates stores that augment their individual strengths.
Corporate Mandrake

CBD Emporium clients are extremely loyal to our brand, as we are to their continued health and well--
being. Loyalty is a ‘mandrake’ of our culture. We maintain a powerful loyalty to our franchisees,
providing a richness of support and guidance. 



Balms & Elixirs.
Tinctures | Capsules | Edibles | Vapes |Flower | SkinCare | HairCare | Pet Care

CBD Emporium has meticulously sourced 50 distinctive brands with over 600
products – establishing the varietal foundation from which to serve our
clients. CBD Emporium rigorously studies the efficacy and results of each
product with ongoing research and tracking.

Custom Cordials.
Trained | Consultants |Custom | Solutions | On-Demand | Consultations | Client |Follow-Up

CBD Emporium trains its ‘consultants’ to cater to the customers’ unique
needs. Our ‘On-Demand’ consultants serve the clients with educational
sessions to assist them with finding the perfect health and wellness solutions.

True Presence.
CBD Emporium will be a globally positioned brand in a highly fragmented
industry. This Proliferative Presence gives our franchisees a discerning edge.
CBD Emporium launched its first store in Phoenix, Arizona in 2018 and in
less than two years became the fastest growing CBD retailer in the US.

Premier Retail
Our highest-end
experience allowing
our customers to work
directly with our CBD

Mall Presence
Exposes new
customers to the CBD
Way of exclusive
consultation services.

Online Hub
The CBD Emporium
website is the
mandrake of our
brand and detailed
information about
our products and

Financial Tonic.
Average Time to Profitability: Less than 6 Months
Franchise fee $65,000
Royalty 5%
Branding Fee 0% (Limited Time)
All-In Cost $124,200 - $191,000
Master Rights Limited
International Available

Average Time to Open: Less than 6 Months

The Support
Franchise owners and their hired management attend a comprehensive training course to prepare for all aspects of opening and running a successful CBD Emporium™ location. Marketing and promotion are an integral component to success as a CBD Emporium™ franchise. CBD Emporium™ invests heavily in marketing and supporting our franchisees with a robust, turnkey marketing program. In addition to promoting the CBD Emporium™ brand at a national level with paid advertising and public relations, we have created marketing and sales collateral for franchisees to implement at a local level. The CBD Emporium leadership, combined with a system of successful business managers and franchisees, creates a powerful concoction for long-term profitability and expansion. Annual conventions, mentorship programs and an ongoing support system for sales, marketing and operations create a solid CBD Emporium family.

During This Free Presentation You Will Learn
From seed to sale, learn what is required to launch a bonafide CBD dispensary right in your own town.
By using this proven, successful model, you can schedule the opening of several stores using the revenue from the first store, to open the second store and so on. 
Most first-timers make crucial mistakes that halt revenue.  Learn from experienced dispensary owners what to avoid and how you can maximize revenue right out of the gate with best selling products, marketing, and more... 
About The Hosts
John Flanders
CBD Emporium, Founder & CEO
John Flanders, Founder & CEO has more than a quarter century in the cannabis industry, executive leadership, business management, and retail. He served as a former CEO and CTO of a public company and was CFO of a vertically integrated, multi-state cannabis company. Flanders also has a wealth of experience in international investment banking, venture capital, and finance executive leadership. For more than 20 years, he’s led dozens of early-stage, development-stage, and growth-stage companies.
Paul Steinberg
CBD Emporium, President
Paul Steinberg, Franchise Group President of CBD Emporium™ has an international reputation for helping companies grow, including startups, medium-sized and larger privately and publicly held companies. From the US, Europe, Pacific Rim, to South Africa and Australia, Steinberg has helped propel companies looking to achieve growth, expanded market share and increased sales across the globe
Jason Tropf
Cannabis10x, Founder & CEO
Jason Tropf is the Founder of Cannabis10x which represents several Cannabis Franchise Brands. Prior to 10X, he was a founding member of a Franchise 500 Brand, RSVP. As former Chief Marketing Officer and founding member of RSVP, Tropf assisted in the expansion of franchise territories that grew to more than 100 locations across the US. Upon the sale of that business and a lucrative exit, efforts were focused on repeating that process in emerging markets. Mergers & Acquisitions. Our service will franchise your business concept or assist in the acquisition or sale of an existing business. We've developed a deep network of growth oriented business owners. We are a source for creative expansion solutions, franchise development, management consulting, private equity & capital investments. We create and implement turn-key systems that have been distilled from the fastest growing brands.
Holly Ford
Cannabis10x, Co-Founder & Vision
Holly A Ford is the Co-Founder and Visionary for the first Cannabis/Hemp only Business Brokerage, Cannabis10x™ and its subsidiary 10X Events- a capital raise incubator; Founder and CEO of International Business Brokerage, Zarian Firm; and contributor to multiple publications on business acquisitions, investments and franchising.

In the franchising space, Ford is an award-winning franchise developer, best-selling author of; Create Your Own Wealth – A Collection of Two-Minute Topics on Franchising, contributor to 12 franchise publications; and frequent radio and pod-cast guest.
Learn How To Launch A Turn-Key Cannabis Retail Dispensary From Experienced Operators.
*Seats Are Limited - Only 100 Spots*
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