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Cannabis Dispensary Retail Chain
Cannabis Dispensary Retail Chain
Learn How To Launch A Turn-Key Cannabis Retail Dispensary From Experienced Operators.
Learn How To Launch A Turn-Key Cannabis Retail Dispensary From Experienced Operators.


*Seats Are Limited - Only 100 Spots*
Cannabis Dispensary Retail Chain



From The Earth is a fully licensed cannabis dispensary built with our community in mind. Everything we do is created for you.

Our company is built upon three cornerstones that create the foundation for all that we do. We personalize each and every customer experience based on your unique needs. We are here to help you learn about cannabis, live with the benefits, and grow as an individual.



From The Earth Proven Results:
• 2020 REVENUE :$22,000,000
• AVERAGE ANNUAL REVENUE 2020:$5,000,000

Cannabis Industry High Growth Rate:
•Predicted to reach:$65.1B by 2027
•Compound Annual Growth Rate:17.8%
•Intensive M&A activity

Best Selling Products: 
•Top Cannabis Flower Strains
•In-House Brands
•Concentrates and Cartridges
•Topical Balms
•Smoking and Vaping Accessories
•FTE Merchandise

Best-In-Class Customer Experience:
•Luxurious, Energetic Retail Atmosphere with Upbeat Music
•The Budtender Training Program creates a personalized, educational experience
•Individualized product sales plan for each customer
•Upsell, cross-sell and generic sales program•Branded in-store build-out

Unparalleled Franchise Support:
•Best-in-class training materials and trainers
•Hiring/staffing/HR support
•Classroom training
•In-store “shadow” program
•Industry knowledge and demographics
•Intensive product training
•Infrastructure and software implementation and support
•Marketing do’s and dont’s
•Design and construction support
•Consultant team incl. attorneys/accountants/marketingprofessionals
•Assistance with applications, licenses, permits

Franchisee Edge:
All franchisees will be given the From The Earth Unique Program giving you the edge over the competition including the following…

Sales & Marketing:
• Targeted Compliant Branding
•Digital Marketing Package
•Specialized Sales Program

Inventory & Supplies:
• Equipment, TV, Cameras & Other supplies

Regulatory & Compliance:
•Permits & Coding
•Do’s & Don’ts
•Billing & Collections

Marketing & Advertising:
• Grand Opening Advertising
• Signage

Vendor Relationships:
•Inventory Management delivered upon signing
During This Free Presentation You Will Learn
From seed to sale, learn what is required to launch a bonafide cannabis dispensary right in your own town.
By using this proven, successful model, you can schedule the opening of several stores using the revenue from the first store, to open the second store and so on. 
Most first-timers make crucial mistakes that halt revenue.  Learn from experienced dispensary owners what to avoid and how you can maximize revenue right out of the gate with best selling products, marketing, and more... 
About The Hosts
Dan Zaharoni
From The Earth, CEO
Prior to his interest in the cannabis industry, Mr. Zaharoni, a graduate of UC Berkeley and Loyola Law School, has been an attorney for 28 years
– formerly as the Managing Partner of his own firm, Warden, Urtnowski & Zaharoni - and also holds a Real Estate Broker and General Contrac- tor’s license in the State of California. Mr. Za- haroni is primarily responsible for the physical structures housing the various cannabis facilities and he handles all development, construction and regulatory tasks required to open each dis- pensary. He has acted as agent, principal and/or attorney for more than 50 entities over the past two decades, primarily in and around the real estate development industry.
Courtney Dorne
From The Earth, President
Courtney has over 25 years of experience in ex- ecutive leadership positions in marketing and sales, product development, and operations management. She joined FTE from the cannabis company Vertical Companies where she was President of Brands, responsible for new business and edible product development. She launched multiple unique Vertical-owned cannabis brands across the U.S., one of which she spearheaded as its original creator and designer.
Prior to Vertical, Courtney was President of Fresh and Ready Foods for 20 years, where she oversaw operations, supply chain management, mass cold chain production, distribution, and food safety, specializing in cross contamination management throughout her career.
Jason Tropf
Cannabis10x, Founder & CEO
Jason Tropf is the Founder of Cannabis10x which represents several Cannabis Franchise Brands. Prior to 10X, he was a founding member of a Franchise 500 Brand, RSVP. As former Chief Marketing Officer and founding member of RSVP, Tropf assisted in the expansion of franchise territories that grew to more than 100 locations across the US. Upon the sale of that business and a lucrative exit, efforts were focused on repeating that process in emerging markets. Mergers & Acquisitions. Our service will franchise your business concept or assist in the acquisition or sale of an existing business. We've developed a deep network of growth oriented business owners. We are a source for creative expansion solutions, franchise development, management consulting, private equity & capital investments. We create and implement turn-key systems that have been distilled from the fastest growing brands.
Holly Ford
Cannabis10x, Co-Founder & Vision
Holly A Ford is the Co-Founder and Visionary for the first Cannabis/Hemp only Business Brokerage, Cannabis10x™ and its subsidiary 10X Events- a capital raise incubator; Founder and CEO of International Business Brokerage, Zarian Firm; and contributor to multiple publications on business acquisitions, investments and franchising.

In the franchising space, Ford is an award-winning franchise developer, best-selling author of; Create Your Own Wealth – A Collection of Two-Minute Topics on Franchising, contributor to 12 franchise publications; and frequent radio and pod-cast guest.
Learn How To Launch A Turn-Key Cannabis Retail Dispensary From Experienced Operators.
*Seats Are Limited - Only 200 Spots*
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